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Dec 12

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Powerbright Power Inverters

posted by Patrick Fallon

Powerbright Power Inverters provide power solutions to meet virtually any need; and whether the power requirement is for indoors or outdoors, stationary or mobile applications, Powerbright Inverters are designed to convert DC power, or direct current, to standard AC power, or alternating current, with ease and complete dependability.  Powerbright prides itself in manufacturing their products to align with the most stringent quality standards.

12 Volt Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters:

12V DC Power Inverters—range from 120W Continuous / 240W Peak to 6000W Continuous / 12000W Peak.

FYI:   As an example–the 6000W 12V Power Inverter has a cordless remote control and a digital LED display as well as a built-in cooling fan and overload indicator.

FYI:   As an example–The 100W Continuous / 200W Peak model provides 0.9 amps with carbon filter design, direct cigarette lighter connection and micro-chip technology.

24 Volt Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters:

24V DC Power Inverters—range from 400W Continuous / 800W Peak to 3500W Continuous / 7500W Peak.

FYI:  As an example–the 400W/800W is a heavy-duty inverter that provides up to 3.6 amps of AC power.  Plugging the inverter into your 24V cigarette lighter or directly to a 24 Volt DC battery will provide power for laptops, MP3 players, TV’s and a host of other electronics and appliances.

220 Volt 50 Hz Power Inverters:

220V AC Power Inverters—range from 400W Continuous / 800W Peak to 3500W Continuous / 7000W Peak.

The 12 Volt Modified Sine Wave, the 24 Volt Modified Sine Wave and the 220 Volt 50 Hz Power Inverters allow you to run electrical equipment from your car or marine battery for mobile applications.

FYI:  As an example—the 2300W / 4600W version is one tough inverter that provides up to 10.4 amps of 220V, 50Hz AC power.  Simply plug the inverter directly to a 12 Volt DC battery and you have full-functioning energy for air compressors, refrigerators, freezers, heavy-duty tools, etc.   The Soft Start Technology provides dependable, smooth start-ups.

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters:

Pure Sine Wave Inverters—range from 300W Continuous / 500W Peak to 2200W Continuous / 4400W Peak.

FYI:  As an example—the 2200W Continuous / 4400W Peak Inverter is manufactured with an Anodized aluminum case which provides maximum heat dissipation as well as a cooling fan, three GFCI 3-prong, overload indicator, thermal and short circuit shutdown and other very practical and necessary features.

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters provide premium power that is identical, or better, than the power made available by your electric company.  By plugging directly into a battery, you can power laptops, televisions, hand-held video games, DVD players etc. as well as appliances in your RV.

When you need power, whether large or small, Powerbright sets the standards in today’s power conversion industry!

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