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Dec 19

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Wagan Power Inverters

posted by Patrick Fallon

Wagan Power Inverters feature ‘True-rated Power’ technology which reflects the quality control of these high-tech marvels.  Wagan Inverters are tested and rated during a continuous 24-hour period, under full load; and are manufactured with High Peak Surges which permits up to 3 times the ‘continuous rating’  to maintain high-surging equipment and appliances.   During production, only top-of-the-line components and transistors (MOSFETs) are ever considered, resulting in a power-converter product that is unsurpassed in quality, endurance and dependability.

Smart AC Inverters:

The Smart AC Inverters convert 12V DC to 110V AC and range from 80 Watt continuous / 220 Watt peak to 210 Watt continuous / 500 Watt peak.   Whether one needs power for video game consoles, computers, portable power tools or TVs, the Smart AC Inverters can be stored in your vehicle for anytime-anywhere power conversion.

Smart AC Flight Series:

Whether it’s road, water or air, the Flight Series Inverters can travel with you in any environment and supply anywhere from 110 Watt continuous / 300 Watt peak to 150 Watt continuous / 300 Watt peak surge power.  Smartphones, laptops, smaller TVs and a host of other electronic devices will give you the functionality you desire in your car, boat, RV or plane.

Slim Line Inverters:

Slim Line Inverters are extremely handy devices for running products in one’s car, boat or RV.  Ranging from 700 Watt continuous / 1800 Watt peak to 2000 Watt / 4000 peak surge power, converting DC to AC has never been so easy!   Regardless of how rugged or desolate the surroundings might be, you can enjoy the comforts of home.

Proline Inverters:

If enhanced power is what you require, the Proline Inverter series will pack a very big punch!  3000 Watt continuous / 6000 Watt peak and 5000 Watt continuous / 10,000 Watt peak surge power will  accommodate those who need considerable power for major applications.   One can run many tools and devices simultaneously; and the Proline Inverters easily power TV/VCR combos, microwave ovens, refrigerators and small air conditioners.   The superior surge capability allows this inverter to start most challenging motorized loads.

Off-Grid / Home Inverters:

The Off-Grid / Home Inverters are available from 8,000 Watt continuous to 10,000 Watt continuous and are intended, mainly, for those who do not depend on the power grid but have workable power via solar and wind.  These heavy-duty units are remote and hard-wiring capable and work very well with powering large TV/VCR combinations, microwaves, refrigerators and larger room air conditioners.

These inverters operate at up to 90% efficiency, which results in longer running time and extended battery life.

Pure Sine Wave Inverters:

Pure Sine Wave Inverters use what its name implies: true sine waveform in its transfer of energy and power.  These indispensable inverters convert solar energy and DC power into clean electricity for household use, sensitive electronics, AC appliances in one’s vehicle, emergencies and power as off-grid backup.

Ranging from 180 Watts to 5000 Watts of True Rated power, appliances ranging from cell phone chargers to belt sanders to large-screen TVs can be utilized when and where you want them.

Wagan Power Inverters deliver useable power for appliances and devices, giving you comforts and conveniences whether you are at home or away from home!

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