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Dec 5

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Magnum Power Inverters

posted by Patrick Fallon

Magnum is an industry-leading manufacturer of premium power-management systems, offering a broad selection of Inverter/Chargers as well as other power-related products.  Magnum Power Inverters are safe, easy to use and are made in America!

Magnum Power Inverter/Chargers are designed for Mobile, RV and Renewable Energy applications; and  are among the power industry’s most cutting-edge and dependable power- solution products in the world.

MMS Series Inverter/Charger:

This Inverter/charger is a pure sine wave inverter for 12V systems with smaller energy requirements and is perfect for Marine and RV systems.  Rated for 1000W Continuous at 12V, it possesses multiple surge levels up to 1750 Watts.  It uses only 7.5 amps per 50 amps as compared to 12.5 amps used by standard chargers.

A few additional features of this toughie includes 1) workability with ME-RC Remote or MM-RC Remote 2) current overload protection 3) easy-to-read LED indicator 4) battery temperature sensor that monitors temperatures from 0 – 50C and 5) standard transfer relay—the 20 amp transfer relay will pass AC power through the inverter when using shore or generator power.

MS Series Inverter/Chargers:

This series offers 2000, 2800 and 4000 Watt models that provide pure sine wave power for TV’s, stereos, plasma screens and other sensitive electronics, without concern.  These products are designed for 1)  renewable energy systems—off-grid and back-up power  2)  marine systems and 3) RV systems.

The MS Series offers four models with 12 and 24V configurations.  Convenient finger-tip control is available through remote-control operation.

MS-PAE Series Inverter/Chargers:

These 4000 Watt and 4400 Watt Inverters utilize pure sine-wave power for electronics sensitive to power anomalies.  By providing 120 and 240 volt out in one unit, the need to stack 2 units together to achieve 240 volt is bypassed.

The 4000W/24V Inverter/Charger is designed for the most demanding renewable energy applications.  It provides two 120 VAC output lines; and by combining L1 and L2, one can achieve 240 VAC from one, single device.

The 4400 model is rated for 4400W/48V.  Again, two 120 VAC output lines combine for 240 VAC.  Up to four MS-PAE series inverters can be connected in parallel configuration which allows for greater, overall inverter power and surge capacity.

In this same series, Magnum offers an off-grid pre-wired system that includes a 4400 watt inverter/charger.  A few other features of this pre-wired system are 1) remote display 2) Classic 150 charge controller 3) 2 MNDC panel mount breakers and 4) arc fault detector and more.

Magnum IS the powerful difference!

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