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Jun 15

Power Inverters and GFCI Tripping

posted by Patrick Fallon

Xantrex Freedom HFS - GFCI

If you have been around inverters in the last several years you may have noticed GFCI outlets have become more and more commonplace. I often hear from frustrated users who routinely have to reset GFCI outlets after they trip. We are going to dive into what these outlets are, why they have become so common, […]

Apr 27

Converter, Chargers, and Converter/Chargers – What Do I Need?

posted by Patrick Fallon

Are you having trouble understanding the differences between converters, battery chargers, and converter/chargers? Well, you are not alone. I am going to go over the differences and similarities between them. In some cases more than one option will work for you, while in others there is a clear choice. What is a converter? Simply stated, […]

Mar 31

Krieger Power Inverters – Superior Technology, Reliability & Customer Service

posted by admin

Kreiger Power Inverter

Krieger designs and manufactures technologically advanced power products with exceptional reliability. Committed to continuously offering the most innovative, efficient, and environmentally responsible equipment, Krieger invests significant resources in ongoing research and development. As a part of their extensive range of power solutions, Krieger produces a full line of 12 and 24 volt DC to AC […]

Feb 27

To Purchase A Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Or Not To Purchase Sine Wave Inverter

posted by Patrick Fallon

Pure Sine Wave

That is the question…I am asked most often. Unfortunately, a simple yes or no cannot accurately answer this question. I believe it depends on two factors, what are you powering with the inverter, and what is your budget. Before we break down that decision, let’s explore the technical differences between the two. Pure sine wave […]

Jan 20

Pre-installed Power Inverters In Your Passenger Vehicle – Uses And Limitations

posted by Patrick Fallon

Factory Installed Power Inverter

Every year our passenger vehicles get more advanced with more technology and available options. Inverters are becoming more commonplace in these advancements, in some cases being a part of a vehicle’s standard features. Exciting as it is having an inverter already installed and ready to go right off the lot, I feel it is important […]

Dec 8

New Product Alert! KISAE Technology 24V Power Inverter Line

posted by Patrick Fallon


We are excited to announce that KISAE has released a new line of 24 volt pure sine wave power inverters. We have been carrying KISAE’s 12 volt power inverter line at for a number of years now. That line has proven to be both solid and reliable, and you can expect the same out […]

Oct 21

Tailgating, Friends, Football and…Power Inverters?

posted by Patrick Fallon

It’s a beautiful weekend morning and you’ve set up at your favorite tailgating spot. The canopy is up, friends are arriving and the meat is cooking on the grill. What else could you want? How about adding some entertainment or a blended beverage to kick it up a notch? I know a power inverter may […]

Aug 15

Ready To Go Camping? Bring Some Of Home’s Little Amenities With You.

posted by Patrick Fallon

Camping with an Inverter

Most of us love to go camping, and with the season in full swing now is a good time to consider using an inverter to add some home luxuries to the camp site. For those of you with a trailer or RV, you already know what it is like to have AC power when you’re […]

Jul 1

New Product Alert! Wagan Tech Slimline Series with Surface Mount Technology

posted by Patrick Fallon

Wagan Tech 3722 Slimline 1500 Inverter

Earlier this year we announced the arrival of Wagan Tech’s new Proline series power inverters with Surface-Mount Technology (SMT). We are now excited to have available the first Wagan Tech Slimline Series to incorporate SMT. The 3722 Slimline 1500 inverter is a promising improvement to its predecessor with greater reliability, better efficiency, fewer RF emissions and […]

May 26

Cigarette Lighter Adapters – The Plug-N-Play Of The Inverter World

posted by Patrick Fallon

Wagan Tech Inverter

What can be more simple and convenient than plugging an inverter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter? When it comes to convenience and ease-of-use, I am all in. Be aware that these benefits come with limitations though. Cigarette lighters, sometimes called power ports, are installed using small gauge wire by the vehicle’s manufacturer. To protect this […]