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Ready To Go Camping? Bring Some Of Home’s Little Amenities With You.

posted by Patrick Fallon

Camping with an Inverter

Most of us love to go camping, and with the season in full swing now is a good time to consider using an inverter to add some home luxuries to the camp site. For those of you with a trailer or RV, you already know what it is like to have AC power when you’re out camping. What about those who like to drive to their favorite spot and just drop a tent on the ground though? I enjoy sitting by the campfire and listening to the sounds of nature as much as the next person, but we can take it up a level with a little AC power from your vehicle.

How about a nice blended beverage to really help you get into that relaxing mood? A small blender can easily be powered from a 400-1000 watt inverter hooked up to your vehicle. Just pop the hood, attach the inverter to the battery and you’re blending away. Need to charge your cell phone or the kid’s tablet or laptop? How about those depleted camera batteries? No problem! Pull out a 100-300 watt inverter, hook it up to your vehicle’s battery and charge away. You can also skip the need for big expensive C or D batteries and use an AC air pump to blow up that mattress. Why stop there? Bring a small TV and DVD player to enjoy your favorite movie, or even add a video game system into the mix and play a few rounds of video game golf. The possibilities are endless.

If you have concerns about the vehicle battery holding up, there are a couple ways to prevent the battery from draining too far down during use. You can run the vehicle if you will be doing a lot of blending, the blender is sure to mask the sound of the running motor. You can also run the vehicle for a few minutes every so often during long charging sessions of those rechargeable devices.

Keep in mind that water and weather do not mix with an inverter. Be sure to put your inverter away if it starts to rain. You can always plug the inverter into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle, run an extension cord to your devices and put the vehicle into the “accessory” position on the ignition. Rechargeable batteries, cell phones, tablets, and most laptops will be within that cigarette lighter’s capability.

Camping is great, and with a quality inverter you can make the campsite even better. If you are interested in upgrading your next camping experience contact us at 800-367-3019, or email me at HAPPY CAMPING!

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