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Jan 18

New Product Alert! Wagan ProLine Series with Surface Mount Technology

posted by Patrick Fallon

We are happy to announce the new Proline Series with Surface Mount Technology by Wagan Tech is now available. Wagan is currently offering this series in a 5000 watt, 8000 watt, and 10000 watt model.

What is Surface Mount Technology?

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a method of manufacturing circuit boards that offers greater reliability, better efficiency, few stray RF emissions and a compact size. Wagan’s new SMT units are 28-54% smaller in size and 36-52% less in weight. You read that correctly, you are getting the same amount of output and quality of inverter from Wagan with less size and weight!

What features does this series offer?

    • Wagan’s True-Rated Power Technology, power tested and rated at a period of 24 hours of continuous usage at full load.
    • 2X surge capability.
    • LED ammeter and volt bar graph.
    • Multiple 15 amp outlets.
    • AC Hardwire Terminal Block
    • An aesthetically pleasing glossy black exterior.
    • Heavy-duty solid mount terminals that offer greater flexibility in securing cables
    • Remote switch included
    • Temperature controlled cooling fan
    • Overload, overheating, low voltage, and high voltage protections
    • 90% Maximum efficiency
    • Modified sine wave output
    • 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty

Where do I get one?

We have all three sizes available and ready to ship today. Just click at the link below to explore these exciting new inverters.

Wagan Tech ProLine Series Power Inverters

As usual, do not hesitate to contact me at 1-800-367-3019 or with any questions, purchases, or concerns you have.

2 Responses to “New Product Alert! Wagan ProLine Series with Surface Mount Technology”

  1. Lucas Selvatici Marchesi says:

    Good morning!

    I would like to use a Power Inverter for domestic grid tied solar system and I’m reading in this blog about it. It helped me a lot but I still have a doubt: “Is the Power Inverter able to balance when to use the power from PV system and when to take it from public power line?”
    “In Brazil there is a law that oblies the companies to buy this energy produced by domestic generation, is there a specific equipment to control this sourcing or consuming of power?”
    Thanks in advance!

    • Patrick Fallon says:

      Hi Lucas,

      The Wagan ProLine series is not grid-tie or grid-interactive. There can be a variation on how grid-tie systems work, but generally a grid-tied inverter will use the PV power generated first and supplement it with grid power as need by. If more PV power is being generated than used, that surplus is sold back to the grid. I would like to get more information on what you would like to do, I sent a couple of questions to your email. I look forward to hearing back from you and thank you for commenting.