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Smoke Your Meats with a Power Inverter

posted by Patrick Fallon

A good power inverter is a versatile piece of equipment that, with a little knowledge and imagination, can be used to make life a little more enjoyable. Nothing is better than the company of good people, but a good cut of slow smoked meat can make an already good situation better. What if you could run your digital smoker when you’re camping, tailgating, and even during an unexpected power outage?

What inverter do you need?

I always recommend checking the power draw of your smoker’s digital thermostat as different smokers will vary. Typically, a power inverter in the 400 to 600 watt range will be enough to supply the majority of non-commercial smokers. The majority of inverter’s in this size range will include connection cables for hooking the inverter to a battery.

How much battery do you need?

Smokers draw the most during ignition, which takes just a few minutes in most cases, before dropping down to a lower running wattage. It is reasonable to get an 8 hour smoke on a good 100+ amp/hour fully-charged deep cycle battery. You could double up the batteries for more runtime if need be. As an additional option you could use your vehicle as well. Just be sure to run the vehicle during the ignition and intermittently to keep the vehicle’s battery from getting too low.

Do not let a lack of available AC power keep you from using your nice, digitally controlled smoker on your next trip. Consider using power inverter and you may find other great uses for the inverter while you’re at it. Do not hesitate to contact me at or 800-367-3019 if you want to talk about whether or not this type of set up fits your needs.

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