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Jan 2

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Cobra Power Inverters

posted by Patrick Fallon

The Cobra Electronics’ Power Inverter line offers highly-convenient, go-where-you-go power solutions for an array of applications.  Whether you need to power a ½ hp sump pump, house-hold appliances, fax machine, smart phones or a belt sander, Cobra power inverters are as mobile as you are!

These indispensable devices convert 12V battery power to 120V AC household electricity.  As a result, dependable, usable  power is available whether you are home or away.

Cobra MicroPort—130W /260W Peak:

This handy device has a swiveling port plug which converts any standard 12V cigarette lighter into 120V household power.   Office equipment and appliances less than 130W, 13” TVs and 14” color monitors are at your disposal no matter where you might be.

Cobra MicroPort –150W/300W Peak:

This 10 oz. power inverter is perfect for video games, smart phones, laptops, fax machines and a host of other USB devices.  For added convenience, a dual-purpose power cable with cigarette lighter and airline adaptors are included.  Any vehicle, including tractors, RVs, boats etc., with an available cigarette lighter socket, will accommodate the Cobra MicroPort 150.  You’re good to go!

Cobra 200W/400 Peak:

This practical mobile device will power up a variety of equipment and appliances less than 150W, including 13” color TVs and laptops.  Its compact size and cup-holder design makes it a welcomed traveling companion for college students, business-people and anyone on the go!

Cobra 400W/800 Peak:

The Cobra 400W is a modified sine wave inverter designed to plug directly into a cigarette lighter or to a 12V DC battery to provide 3.5 amps of 115V AC current.  Video games, 25” TVs, laptops, power-tools and many other electricity-dependent devices can be fully available whenever you need them.

Cobra 800W/1600W Peak:

This modified sine wave inverter connects directly to your vehicle’s 12V battery and offers 7 amps of 115 V AC current, accommodating a host of USB devices such as small video games, mobile phones as well as compact refrigerators, 13” TVs, computers, power tools and other everyday appliances.

Cobra 1000W/2000W Peak:

Convert your 12V vehicle’s battery to 120V AC power to charge and use office equipment, household appliances and electronic devices such as video games, DVD players and so much more.  Direct-to-battery cables are included.

Cobra 1500W/3000W Peak:

Your converted power as 120 volts AC won’t let you down when you require anything from kitchen appliances to sump pumps to 14” chain saws to work seamlessly.

Cobra 2500W/5000W Peak:

The Cobra 2500W inverter will provide converted 120V AC to operate major household appliances, 10-gallon wet/dry vacs, 25” TVs, ½ hp sump pumps, laser printers , 14” chain saws—and that only skims the surface.  This heavy-duty power inverter can power up multiple loads from your vehicle.

With Cobra Power Inverters, any environment or terrain becomes your domain since convenience, versatility and power are at your fingertips!

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