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Jan 9

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Voltec Power Inverters

posted by Patrick Fallon

Voltec Power Inverters offer a full range of power options to provide off-grid energy whether at home, while traveling, vacationing or while boating.  The spectrum of Voltec power inverters ranges from 100 watt to 3000 watt models.

Voltec power inverters change direct current (DC) to household or alternating current (AC) so anything from mobile phones to refrigerators to medical equipment can be reliably powered when electricity is required, but unavailable.

Voltec 100 Watt:

This small, but powerful 100 watt power inverter converts 12V DC to 120V AC and plugs directly into the cigarette lighter outlet; and the output is modified sine-wave power.  This handy device has a 45 degree adjustable neck for ease of handling and has 1 AC outlet and 1 USB outlet.

Voltec 200 Watt:

This handy inverter provides up to 1.74 amps of instant, portable power; and light-load devices such as laptops, video games and camcorders are easily operated.  A 36” cigarette lighter adapter and DC cables are included for direct-battery connection as well as 2 AC receptacles and a 5V USB outlet.

Voltec 400 Watt:

The Voltec 400 watt power inverter provides 3.4 amps of mobile power for TV/DVD combos, video games, computers and a host of other electrical devices.  Double AC outlets, 1 USB port and 36” cables with adapter are included.  Enjoy your off-grid devices on your boat or in your car, truck and RV.

Voltec 600 Watt:

This pure sine-wave power inverter provides clean AC for TVs, small power tools, DVD players and much more.   The nearly-perfect sine-wave output is virtually identical to utility-supplied grid power and is especially compatible with sensitive electrical devices such as laser printers and medical equipment.

Voltec 750 Watt:

If you want a good deal of power, the 750 watt inverter will provide up to 6.5 amps of instant portable power for applications such as  TV/DVD combos, shop tools and small appliances; and the 5V USB port will allow power for iPods and laptops.  With converted 115/120V AC power from your car, boat, truck or boat, nothing will keep you from doing what you need to do!

Voltec 1000 Watt and 1500 Watt:

These powerful inverters will give you the plugs and the energy you need to power-up a whole host of 120V AC devices.  Three AC outlets and 1 USB port are included; and the 1500 Watt model is remote-control capable.

Voltec 2000 Watt:

This pure sine-wave power inverter works beautifully to power microwaves, refrigerators, power tools and an array of other devices and appliances.   It provides 17.3 amps and produces nearly perfect sine-wave output.  Again, more sensitive electronics as well as specialized medical equipment, such as oxygen regulators, are very compatible with pure sine-wave output.

Voltec 3000 Watt:

With the 3000 Watt model, the output is modified sine-wave and when larger electrical needs are required, instant 115/120V AC power is at your fingertips.  Multiple AC outlets for four appliances and 1 USB port will accommodate freezers, coolers, larger TVs and much more.

Whether you are planning a family get-away at the cabin or find yourself without power due to extreme weather conditions, Voltec quality and dependability will be there when you need it!

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