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Dec 26

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Kisae Power Inverters

posted by Patrick Fallon

Kisae Power Inverters provide electricity to anyone, anywhere.  Whether you’re at home, at your favorite campsite, in your RV or on the boat, the comforts and conveniences that everyday electrical devices and appliances provide are available without dependence on grid power.

Kisae Technology offers a wide array of power inverters to accommodate any situation, even those that might be unexpected.  Hurricanes, tornados, floods and other weather-related challenges can create havoc; and the effects of power outages for days, weeks or months can be devastating and even life-threatening.

Whether you’re planning ahead for some fun away from home or whether you’re caught up in overwhelming weather conditions, you can be prepared ahead of time, knowing Kisae Power Inverters will supply the electricity you and your family depend on!

Modified Sine Wave Inverters:

These compact companions offer 400W, 1000W and 1500W of dependable, readily-available energy.  Depending on the model, features for these power inverters include:

1:  conversion of 12V DC power to 120V AC (household) power

2:  easy-to-read indicator

3:  audible alarm with warning/error codes

4:  auto shut-down safety component

5:  GFCI AC depot for connecting multiple loads

6:  digital display for battery status, total output power and warning/error codes

7:  5V USB port

8:  optional, remote On/Off switch

True Sine Wave Inverters and Sine Wave Inverter:

The True Sine Wave Inverters are available as 1000W and 2000W; and Kisae’s Sine Wave Inverter with 400W are highly-dependable machines which convert 12V battery power into true sine wave AC household power.  True sine waves will allow electrical equipment and circuitry to operate optimally, as they are designed to do.

The 1000W and 2000W True Sine Wave Inverters and the 400W Sine Wave Inverter feature:

1:  GFCI AC receptacle allowing for multiple-load connections

2:  surge-guard circuitry which reduces stress, thereby, extending the life of the equipment

3:  audio alarm with warning/error codes

4:  powerful capacity which accommodates high-surge start-ups

5:  5V USB port

6:  auto shut-down safety system

Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers:

As with Kisae’s other power inverters, the 1000W (40A), 2000W (55A) and 3000W (150 A) sine wave inverter/chargers convert battery power to useable AC power.   Whether truck, boat or RV, you can run appliances, motor loads and sensitive electronics; and a multi-stage feature will rapidly charge deep-cycle batteries.  Flawless transitioning from shore power to battery power is achieved via the integrated transfer switch.

Features include:

1:  low-battery shutdown for battery-power conservation

2:  GFCI outlets for safety

3:  LED display for status data

4:  silent operation

5:  safety shut-down for over-temp

6:  remote On/Off switch

7:  USB port for USB devices

8:  on-board 40A, 55A or150A multi-stage battery charger, on respective models

9:  system remote-control panel

10:approved to US, CSA and European regulatory standards

Kisae Power Inverters—portable power you can depend on for the expected and the unexpected!

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