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Nov 28

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Xantrex Power Inverters

posted by Patrick Fallon

The name Xantrex represents top-quality power inverters that offer a wide range of power options for virtually every indoor and outdoor need.  Provided, here, is a mere sampling of the many Xantrex Inverters, available.

Xantrex XM 1000 Pro Series Inverters:

This inverter is designed for RV and marine electrical systems which are already equipped with a battery charger or generator.  Xantrex Pro Inverters deliver modified sine wave power from a battery bank, for small appliances and various on-board electronics.   When shore power or household power is lost, Xantrex Pro Series Inverters complement generators to provide much-welcomed energy.

Power specifications for the XM 1000 Pro Series:

1:  output (watts):  1000w

2:  surge rating:  2000w

3:  voltage-Input range (volts):  12v

Xantrex PROsine 1800I:

PROsine Inverters, though designed for recreational and industrial purposes, cater to speed tools, TVs, computers and a host of other electronics, as well.  The PROsine 1800 stand-alone inverters feature 120-volt, 60 Hz AC power output which allows versatility for heavy-duty equipment and smaller, multiple AC loads.  The true sine wave output is an undistinguishable ‘clone’ of the AC power derived from one’s utility company.

Xantrex Freedom SW3024 Inverter/Chargers:

A Xantrex inverter/charger is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and transfer switch all in one self-contained system.  When AC power is obtainable, the inverter/charger recharges the house batteries.  Additionally, it permits any excess AC power to pass through and power downstream AC applications such as small appliances and electronics.  When AC power is disconnected, the unit inverts DC battery power into AC electricity.

The Freedom SW Inverter/Chargers represent high-power and are highly sophisticated.  They are available in 3000W with 150 A charger and 2000W with 100 A charger models.   The Freedom SW can enhance a generator when AC loads surpass the generator’s capacity.  This model can, also, transfer AC loads to batteries in less than 10 milliseconds of the incoming grid or generator power being down.

Applications include vehicles which serve commercial, emergency and recreation needs as well as marine vessels and construction and military equipment.

Xantrex SW4024MC2 Sinewave Inverter/Charger:

This heavy-duty True Sine Wave Inverter/Charger is used extensively in RV, marine, truck and other applications where mobility is critical.   High-capacity battery charging and high-surge current ability make this model an ultimate choice for heavier loads.  Another feature includes three-stage battery charging: 1) bulk 2) absorption and 3) float with remote temperature sensor for increased charge accuracy.

Power Specifications for this model are:

Connection Type:  AC/DC

Power- output (Watts):  4,000

Power- surge rating:  8,000

Xantrex Inverters have transformed the way the world lives in the private sector as well as commercially and militarily.  Xantrex Inveters deliver mobile power and provide silent AC electricity anytime and anywhere to anyone.

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