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Feb 26

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Power Inverters Keep Our World Going!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if power inverters ceased to exist?  If that were to happen, there would be a whole lot of people whose lives would be forever changed.  Let’s take a peek at a few everyday examples of how power inverters, regardless of size or type, keep America going strong!  These are all true stories of people all over the United States who depend on their power inverter equipment on a regular basis for both work and pleasure.

The Mobile Office:

Adam Rinehart, the owner of Adam’s Hotshot Transport has a mobile office inside one of his trucks.  He uses a breakfast tray as a printing caddy, which allows for additional storage of clipboards, paper work, cell phone and other paraphernalia.   Adam runs a transportation outfit in east Texas and relies on his communication equipment and printer on a daily basis to stay in contact with employees and customers.  His printer and laptop are used continually, throughout the day.  Without his 1500 watt true sine wave power inverter to keep his sensitive equipment operational, Roy Hotshot Transport would have to cool its jets and close its doors.

Pure sine inverters are often required to run delicate and sensitive applications such as laser printers, laptops, battery chargers for cordless tools, etc.  These types of devices need the type of clean power pure sine wave power inverters provide.

Up With The Fish:

Mark Driscoll, of California is a retiree who spends the summer months in the Lake Tahoe area.  Mark has a passion for supplying coffee for locals who get up in the wee-hours of the morning to fish—4:00 a.m., to be exact, to do some pier fishing.  Mark packs his gear—a 120 volt coffeemaker and all the necessary fixings for freshly-brewed coffee, not to mention his 1500 Watt sine wave power inverter that keeps his coffee maker working and hot!  Thanks to Mark’s mobile power inverter, he can “set up shop” and make his complimentary cups of coffee.  The smell of the inviting aroma and the sounds of the brew are savored by those who have become Mark’s friends and who look forward to his arrival before the sun ever comes up.

Set Sail:

Jeff Ferguson is the proud owner of a dream sailboat that he enjoys with his family as often as he can on Lake Michigan.  Jeff has a solar generator on board to keep batteries charged, but it’s good for only 12 volt devices.  Jeff says, “My 12 volt system won’t work with the AC devices we all love to use.”  So, by installing a power inverter on his sailboat, he converts his boat’s battery power to AC power to use a wider variety of more powerful devices.   Pretty cool!

The Mobile Notary:

Casey Makinley is a local notary public who uses his SUV as a mobile office where he sets up his office printer for reprinting loan documents for loan closings.  When errors are discovered in documents, he needs to reprint them using his laser printer.  The loan docs also require collation and stapling, all performed by his on-board printer.  Because of Casey’s pure sine wave inverter, his mobile notary business continues without a hitch and has even expanded.  As a result, his partner now has a mobile office as well—complete with sine wave power inverter, of course!

Whether one is using a small power inverter to charge a cell phone, or whether it’s U.S. troops using solar-powered backpacks with built in inverters to run small devices, or whether it’s NASA requiring AC current inside spacecraft cockpits, a world without power inverters would cease to exist as we know it!  Power inverters are remarkable devices which convert one form of voltage (DC) into another form (AC) to fit a myriad of needs worldwide!

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  1. sharon says:

    I never realized power inverters had so many uses…great info!!