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Nov 21

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Samlex America Power Inverters

posted by Patrick Fallon

Samlex America supplies Power Inverters which offer a long list of top-of-the-line power conversion products that cater to a global audience.  Samlex America products can meet virtually any need in the power conversion market, backed by strict quality control and exceptionally competitive prices.

Let’s take a look at some of these impressive, industry-proven products:

DC – AC Power Inverters:

Power Inverters convert DC voltage provided by a 12, 24 or 48 volt battery into AC current.

1:  Pure Sine Wave Inverters:

AC voltage irregularities can disrupt computers, office equipment, home theaters and a host of other applications.  Pure sine wave inverters provide clean, stable power for those types of usages that become problematic with voltage abnormalities.  Whether 350 watts or 2000 watts, pure sine wave inverters will provide high-surge power for everything from video games and home electronics to recreation vehicles and construction-site equipment.

2:  Modified Sine Wave Inverters:

Modified sine wave inverters are known for their high-efficiency and power!

Modified Sine Wave Inverters features can include USB charging port and battery usage options and models range from 100 to 3000 watts, converting 12 VDC to up to 230 VAC.   If you need to connect through any 12V lighter socket in your car, boat, truck or RV, you can access dependable 100 Watt power for smaller items such as laptops, cell phones, lights, cameras, DVD players, etc.  Other models provide anywhere from 250 Watts to 3000 Watts that can easily supply power for telecommunications, solar power systems, service vehicles, tools, mobile offices, appliances and much more.

3:  Inverters With Battery Chargers:

Inverters-with-Battery-Chargers provide an AC output of 100/110/115/120 V at 50/60 Hz at 1500 Watts from the battery input with in-built solar battery charger and UPS functionality.   These units come with an elaborate LED display indicating details of the operations status.   A few of the applications include automotive, industrial control equipment, power tools and renewable energy solutions—Solar/AC UPS.

4:  Inverters With Transfer Switches:

These Pure Sine Wave Inverters with Transfer Switches are high-efficiency microprocessor-controlled DC-AC pieces of equipment which convert 12 volts of DC to 1500 Watts of pure sine-wave AC power at 100/110/120 Volts, 50/60 Hz.  Emergency back-up power, recreation vehicles, computers and home electronics are only a few of the many applications.

5:  Inverters with Solar Charge Controllers:

These inverters are UL-458 approved and provide an AC output of 100/110/115/120 V at 50/60 Hz at 1500 Watts from the battery input.  If the solar panels and batteries prove to be inadequate sources of power, the load is transferred to the utility power supply.  Home appliances, power tools and industrial equipment are a few of the varied applications.

6:  Rack Mount Inverters:

Rack Mount Inverters are 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave inverters that are used for short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature and over-load protection.  Applications would include telecommunication, solar power systems and emergency back-up power.

Innovative power conversion—that’s Samlex America Power Inverters!

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