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New Product Alert! Affordable KISAE Charge Controllers

posted by Patrick Fallon

We are excited to have a new line of 12 volt solar charge controllers from KISAE Technology. Get started with the 10 amp SC1210LD supporting up to 170 watts of solar power or move up to the 20 amp SC1220LD for up to 340 watts of solar capabilities. Not only are the charge controllers offered at an attractive price, but they offer a full spectrum of features as well.

  • Protects battery against overcharging and discharging
  • Temperature compensated charging
  • 2-stage charger
  • Precise charging voltage
  • Selectable battery type
  • Maintenance free operation
  • LED status indicator
  • Optional load disconnect for your 12V devices
  • 1 year warranty

These controllers were designed with ease of installation in mind and can be hooked up with 4 easy steps. Select the battery type, connect 12V battery, connect solar panel(s), connect DC load, and you are now charging via solar energy! Good features, easy installation, and market leading price makes this line of charge controllers a triple threat. Don’t delay your solar installation a minute longer, visit and pickup a KISAE charge controller today. As always do not hesitate to contact us at or comment below with any questions you may have.

KISAE SC1210LD 10A 12V Solar Charge Controller
KISAE SC1220LD 20A 12V Solar Charge Controller

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