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May 26

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Power Inverters All Over India? You Better Believe It!

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Have you noticed how the weather is going a bit crazy around the world? World record-breaking floods, heat-waves, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes etc. are happening on every corner of the globe. More and more people are taking notice and more and more people are becoming educated with power inverters of all types. For those already familiar with power inverters, it’s common knowledge that inverters can run anything from refrigerators to electric blankets to cell phones to home medical equipment, realizing of course, that different electrical needs would require different types of inverters. While some inverters on the market are massively powerful, some are small enough to fit in one’s pocket to power up a cell phone or DVD player, on demand.

If we travel with our mind’s eye to India, a delayed monsoon in that part of the world was not only good news for even more people to prepare but it proved to be good news for the sales of power inverters and batteries.

New Delhi, India:

It wasn’t just the delayed monsoon in 2012 that prompted locals to invest in life-saving power inverters in this region of Planet Earth, but throughout India, in general, the country either cannot or does not generate enough electricity to meet the increasing demands from all of its …………inhabitants.  Sometimes monsoons in India can become severe enough to knock out the electric grid. Additionally,   urbanites and industry-expansion have put a heavier demand on the utility grid. As a result, power outages are very predictable and entirely expected, but no one can pinpoint when, exactly, those outages will occur during the summer months—one minute you’ll have power and the next you won’t. And no one knows how long each individual outage will last. Fortunately, families in New Delhi who are well aware of the dangers of the heat–especially when elderly people and the very young are involved– have become immensely proactive. Households in India turn to power inverters on a regular basis to keep small appliances, phones, fans and other necessities operating so life can resume as normally as possible once their source of electricity takes an unwelcomed hiatus.

Inverter Sales Catapulted Upward:

Because the rains were still to come down, power inverter sales were to go up. In-spite of an increase in manufacturing costs of up to 15% due to dollar appreciation, Indian power inverter manufacturers anticipated good sales in light of the encroaching monsoon; and they were right—sales of inverters and batteries rose generously by about 30%, but that was just for the first quarter of the year 2012. Even the battery manufacturers were pleased since, in-spite of a necessary 5% increase in manufacturing prices, their growth was robust as well.

Power inverter sales in India are becoming so common-place, the local inverter plant—Luminous Power Technologies—is in the works with doubling its manufacturing capacity at two of its factories! Luminous Power knows an opportunity when it sees it—they are aggressively marketing power inverter systems to more and more rural areas, almost like a political campaign! They are introducing solar-based lighting and power storage systems to villages that have little, if any, connection to the main electric grid.

Luminous is also going hot and heavy with aggressively promoting high-charging and multiple-battery compatibility features in their inverters. So popular are power inverters in India, Luminous is regarding its inverter supply source as more of a surrogate utility company than just a power inverter business.

Americans Need To Follow Suit:

In the United States, very few people even know what power inverters are. And in all fairness, it’s easy to understand that since so few of Americans have to ever deal with long power black-outs, or never have to contend with them, at all. But weather patterns are becoming record-breakingly intense and unusual. Over the course of several months, as I listened to The Weather Channel, I jotted down some statements made by weather experts that certainly made me wonder if I, too, should invest in a power inverter for me and my family—just in case.   Here are a few of the remarks: “This weather pattern is unprecedented!” or “We’ve never seen the likes of this type of heat-wave before!” or “Places that shouldn’t be experiencing earthquakes, are experiencing earthquakes!”. With all that being said,it’s prudent for those of us in the United States to be as proactively prepared as those in India. In New Dehli, power inverters aren’t a luxury, they are a way of life!

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