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Mar 17

Why Fusing Your Inverter Is Critical

posted by Patrick Fallon

ANL Fuse Kit

I am frequently asked why a fuse is required when installing an inverter. After all, doesn’t the inverter have built in protection? Yes, a quality inverter has multiple protection features that help prevent damage to the inverter. What an inverter does not protect against is a short in your battery cables. Let’s take a moment […]

Jan 18

New Product Alert! Wagan ProLine Series with Surface Mount Technology

posted by Patrick Fallon

We are happy to announce the new Proline Series with Surface Mount Technology by Wagan Tech is now available. Wagan is currently offering this series in a 5000 watt, 8000 watt, and 10000 watt model. What is Surface Mount Technology? Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a method of manufacturing circuit boards that offers greater reliability, […]

Dec 4

Smoke Your Meats with a Power Inverter

posted by Patrick Fallon

A good power inverter is a versatile piece of equipment that, with a little knowledge and imagination, can be used to make life a little more enjoyable. Nothing is better than the company of good people, but a good cut of slow smoked meat can make an already good situation better. What if you could […]

Apr 27

The Curious Case of Inverter Overload and the Appliance Surge That Causes It

posted by Patrick Fallon

You’ve purchased a power inverter for emergency power outages to keep your refrigerator running and your food from spoiling, then the inevitable happens. The power goes out. So, you eagerly hook up the inverter, plug in the refrigerator and…nothing. The inverter powers on, but all you get is a fault light. How could this be? […]

Nov 12

To Inverter/Charger or Not to Inverter/Charger – Do I Really Need a Combo Unit?

posted by Patrick Fallon

Xantrex 815-3012 Freedom SW 3000 Inverter/Charger

So, you’ve determined you need an inverter for your new build, or perhaps you are looking to upgrade the current system you have, but do you need an all-in-one inverter/charger system? Let’s start with explaining what an inverter/charger is. It is essentially an inverter, transfer relay, and converter/charger built into one unit. An inverter/charger is […]

Jul 16

Energizer Power Inverters – Optimum Reliability, Ultra Compact Size

posted by admin

Energizer is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries and portable flashlights and lanterns. They are a global leader in the dynamic business of providing power solutions with a full portfolio of products. Energizer is redefining where energy, technology and freedom meet to bring to market consumer-focused products that power the essential devices […]

Jun 29

New Product Alert!

posted by Matt Reich

KISAE Technology Power Inverters and Home Solar Kits has added a new line of power inverters and home solar kits from KISAE Technology! KISAE (Keep It Simple Alternative Energy) is “a unique power solutions company that develops and markets GREEN energy solutions.” They’re goal is “to show the world how easy it is to […]

Feb 14

New Product Alert!!!

posted by admin

Samlex SSW Series Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters Have you heard? Samlex America has introduced a new line of pure sine wave inverters. The new extremely affordable SSW series pure sine wave inverters are packed with features and sport a lightweight aluminum case with cool surface technology and a fresh sleek look. They are available […]

Oct 13

Selection,Preparation, and Installation of a Power Inverter for an Automotive Application

posted by admin

Selection, Preparation, and Installation of a Power Inverter for an Automotive Application Summary: In this article we will discuss how to select the appropriate power inverter for your application and your vehicle. We will also provide an overview on preparing for an installation, actual installation of the inverter, and what situations warrant the use of […]

Oct 5

What do these Specs mean?

posted by admin

Power Inverter Specification Breakdown: What do these “Specs” mean? This is a question that comes up quite often and quite frankly if you do not work in the industry or have some sort of electrical background, can make selecting the right inverter pretty confusing. So let’s talk about the terminology and work our way through […]