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Jun 9

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Power Inverters and Philanthropy—A Beautiful Marriage!

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If one were asked to list all the ways in which power inverters contribute to the goings-on of this world, one could create a long list, indeed!   From space travel to family vacations, to military reconnaissance to backup during power outages—the uses for power inverters run the gamut!

NASA, for example, uses power inverters on spacecraft so that complex, electrically-dependent equipment is fully functional for astronauts.   Then you have families who might own a vacation cabin that is totally off-grid.   With mobile power inverters, electricity for phones, coffee pots, DVD players and lights can provide the comforts of home.   And let’s not forget how power inverters remain a monumental necessity for the U.S. Military which utilizes tents, vests and backpacks embedded with pliable, foldable solar panels that work in-tandem with micro-inverters to supply useable power for portable, military electronics.

There is, yet, another application for power inverters that one might not think of, and it is a more philanthropic usage that has to do with saving wildlife in Africa and other locations around the world.

Save The Animals-Help The People:

Elephants, and cheetahs and lions, oh my!   A number of exotic animals around the world are on the razor’s edge of extinction.  African elephants, Ethiopian wolves and Andean lions and cheetahs are facing dire conditions due to habitat loss, encroaching human populations, poaching, disease and pollution.   If a multitude of animal lovers have their way, future extinctions of any animal group will never become a reality.   About 30 wildlife conservation organizations are networking with philanthropic partners around the world to help on-location, wildlife heroes save and protect endangered animals from their depleted environments as well as from money-seeking poachers.   Extensive work is being done to preserve the natural habitats, which benefits the animals and the local villagers, alike.  A big part of the project involves providing the kinds of education, tools and funding that are needed.  It’s a huge undertaking that has managed to come to fruition due to countless donated basic necessities—power inverters being one of them!

Power Inverters—Rugged and Reliable:

Meeting the needs for electricity in remote parts of the world is an endeavor that is a labor of love for those intimately involved with saving animals that have no voice.   Part of that labor of love involves corporations and individuals who see to it that shipments of solar electricity systems, which include a variety of different types of power inverters, are shipped to field agents.   Ten different conservation projects in 7 different countries are making great strides thanks to electrical systems that are able to operate with the aid of off-grid, solar-powered inverters.

Power inverters with substantial surge power capabilities are utilized in these remote outposts.  Power-hungry appliances such as washing machines, mobile air-conditioning units, power tools, lights, computers, printers and solar powered GPS devices for tracking animals, and even poachers, are all run by solar-power; with some power needs reaching 36,000 watts.    When not in use, the inverters enter a power-saver mode which consumes as little as 3 watts.   Off-grid inverters also contribute to the successful functioning of solar cookers, solar water pumps, and solar water purification.   Local villagers are becoming formally educated in animal preservation as well as land conservation via tent classrooms that have luxuries such as lighting and projectors—all run with solar panels, off-grid power inverters and deep-cycle batteries.

Many of the power inverters are sealed inverters which are designed to work in harsh environments.   One type includes an inverter/charger which has coated circuit boards and powder-coated, die-cast aluminum chassis which resist corrosion.   Even destructive salt air is challenged with these incredibly rugged, sealed power inverter/chargers that can be relied upon for enduring performance!

The Experts Speak:

One philanthropist, Dr. Laurence Frank of ‘Living With Lions in Kenya’ stated:  “It works—our project is all lit up!  The satellite-internet system is working and I don’t hear one generator!  Our panels, batteries and inverters are performing beautifully!”

Then there was Rebecca Klein of ‘Cheetah Conservation, Botswana’ who said:  “It was very exciting to turn on the light switch for the first time and know that the energy making it all happen is completely sustainably produced!”

Power inverters—helping to make our world a better place!

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