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Apr 14

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Power Inverters—Truckers Love ‘Em!

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Power inverters do not create electricity, but rather, change DC electrical power to AC electrical power. Even on the road, everything, from mini-refrigerators to cell phones, can be supplied with AC electricity to run properly.    There is one hardworking group of people, in particular, who have come to love the convenience of power inverters simply because inverters turn their ‘workspace’ into what feels like ‘home-sweet-home’—I’m referring to professional truck drivers.  For semi-drivers, travelling away from home is time-intensive and can be lonely at times, so making a semi’s interior as functional and homelike as possible is a big deal!

Creating a homey environment while on the road isn’t really challenging at all, thanks to semi-truck power inverters!  Fortunately, semi-truck inverters are designed with small spaces in mind and fit very compactly in a semi’s cab and are hardly noticable.  Weighing in anywhere from only a few pounds to 16 pounds, they offer portability and functionality that can’t be beat!


Forget trying to find an outside electrical hook-up source for laptops, DVD players, mini-fridges or electric razors!   That would be way too much work and produce too much frustration.  Thankfully, truckers have it made!  In addition to small, hand-held power inverters that plug into the cigarette outlets of their vehicles, truckers can purchase inverters that convert up to 24 volts DC input, and output as much as 3000 watts.  The larger units have connectors that hardwire the inverter to the truck’s electrical system so running small appliances inside a semi’s cab is a breeze.

More Features Of Semi-Truck Power Inverters:

Yes, 3000 watts can accommodate a whole array of gadgets, gizmos, doodads and devices that are part of a trucker’s world; and on-board safety features of semi-truck inverters are crucial.   Built-in fans diffuse any heat; and larger units come with a very handy switch accessory that allows one to effortlessly change the amount of output.  For example, one could go from 3000 watts to 1000 watts in order to use onlythe amount of power one wishes.   Visual and auditory alerts safeguard against electrical overloads; and low-battery read-outs as well as auto-shut off controls offer peace of mind!

Most truckers choose to use power inverters that produce true sine waves, as opposed to modified sine waves.  True sine waves mirror household electrical power and this type of wave is smoother and will safely accommodate even sophisticated equipment such as computers and printers without the worry of potential damage.

Appliances + Inverters = Dinner’s Ready!

Coffee makers, small crock-pots and portable pizza bakers can be found in any number of semi cab’s ‘kitchens.   A small refrigerator can keep meats, fruits and vegetables fresh; and even hot sandwich makers will satisfy cravings for grilled cheese sandwiches in just three minutes.   Or, if grilling a hamburger or a steak (I’ll take mine medium-rare, thank you) is on the menu, it’s a simple matter of plugging the grill into the power inverter and voile`–dinner is ready and served in no time!  In the morning, one might smell pancakes and bacon sizzling on a pint-sized griddle—all these tastes and aromas compliments of the cook and made possible by semi-truck inverters which give the truckers’ homes-away-from-home a personal touch, indeed!

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