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Mar 31

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Voltec Power Inverters

posted by Patrick Fallon

Overview of Voltec Power Inverters

Voltec power inverters include a host of power options, ranging from 100 watt up to 3000 watt models.   Voltec power inverters will allow DC, or direct current electricity, to change into AC, or alternating current, so AC-dependent devices such as mobile phones, DVD players, and medical equipment can operate successfully and safely.

Here is a brief rundown of the various Voltec power inverters:

Voltec 100 Watt:

At 100 watts, one can utilize modified sine-wave power as this small, yet impressively powerful, inverter converts 12V DC into 120V AC; and it’s as simple as plugging this gem into a common cigarette lighter.  With 1 AC outlet and 1 USB outlet and a user-friendly 45-degree adjustable neck for handling ease, this power inverter should be a carry-on in anyone’s vehicle.

Voltec 200 Watt:

If you want immediate, portable power, look no further!    By offering up to 1.74 amps, this nifty 200-watter will make sure mobile devices such as laptops, video games and camcorders receive all the energy they need.   For increased convenience, a cigarette-lighter adapter with a 3-foot cord, DC cables, two AC receptacles and a 5V USB outlet make the Voltec 200-watt power inverter indispensable.

Voltec 400-Watt:

If you enjoy your devices from home while you camp, boat or travel in your RV, this 400-watt inverter will give your devices the power they need regardless of where you might be.  With 3.4 amps of mobile energy, you won’t need to leave your TV/DVD combo, video games or computers behind!  For a user-friendly experience, the Voltec 400-watt inverter provides amenities such as 3-feet of cables with adapter, double AC outlet and I USB port to keep your devices running while you do the relaxing!

Voltec 600 Watt:

If you demand clean, nearly-perfect sine-wave production, the Voltec 600-watt power inverter won’t let you down!   Some sensitive equipment such as laser printers, computers and medical devices absolutely should use cleaner, sine-wave current, or damage can predictably result within those electrically-delicate pieces of equipment.  The Voltec 600-watt version will ensure you receive the type of current that is virtually identical to utility-supplied grid power!

Voltec 750 Watt:

An impressive amount of power with the Voltec 750-watt inverter will keep you going strong even if your requirements include operating shop tools and small appliances!    Portable and immediate 6.5 amps of reliability are at your fingertips whether you’re in your car, boat, truck or RV.   The 5V USB port will ensure your iPods and laptops give you the service or entertainment you desire.

Voltec 1000 Watt and 1500 Watt:

If you’ve been searching for a power inverter that is remote-control capable, the 1500-watt Voltec inverter is right up your alley!   A whole host of 120V devices will operate beautifully with the 1000-watt and 1500-watt inverters; and for added convenience, three AC outlets and one USB port are included with these powerful models.

Voltec 2000 Watt:

You want your especially-sensitive electronics to run not only efficiently but safely!  Whether it’s a micro-wave oven, a compressor, an oxygen regulator or CPAP machine for a family member, pure sine-wave output is a wise choice for safe, optimum operation of these specialized pieces.

Voltec 3000 Watt:

For those larger items, the Voltec 3000-watt power inverter will keep your larger electrical items humming!    You can depend on your freezers, larger TV’s, coolers and so much more to operate without any glitches or problems!  The instant, 225/120 V of AC power, in modified sine-wave form, is dependable and will give one peace of mind.  Multiple AC outlets, which can accommodate four appliances, and one USB port offer the kind of usage you can rely on when the electrical demands are more robust.

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