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Mar 24

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Cobra Power Inverters

posted by Patrick Fallon

Overview of Cobra Power Inverters

Cobra’s line of power inverters covers the gamut from 130W/260W Peak to 2500W/5000W Peak.  These invaluable pieces of equipment will allow one to immerse oneself in any environment with the convenience, versatility and power Cobra is famous for.   Campers, farmers, private pilots, truckers, frequent flyers—you name it—rely on Cobra power inverters to provide power solutions for a whole host of electronic equipment whenever and wherever the need arises.   Cobra power inverters convert 12V battery power to 120V AC household electricity, allowing dependable power to be at one’s fingertips, 24/7.

Let’s take a peek at what Cobra power inverters have to offer:

Cobra MicroPort—130W/260W Peak:

Got a standard 12V cigarette lighter??  Well, now you have 120V of household power!   Even though this is one of the smallest power inverters on the market, don’t let that fool you.  Devices such as office equipment and appliances less than 130W, 13” TV’s and 14” color monitors will run beautifully regardless of where you might find yourself.   You can, simultaneously, charge or power iPods and mobile phones; and the swivel arm design allows connection from any angle.

Cobra MicroPort—150W/300W Peak:

You are good to go with this nifty, super-compact, complete-with-travel-case, 10 oz. power inverter!   If you travel by air, you will especially enjoy this portable gizmo since it comes equipped with airline adaptors not to mention a dual-purpose power cable that adapts to all standard cigarette lighters in any vehicle from tractors to boats.   Video games, smart phones, laptops, fax machines and so many more devices will become as mobile as you want them to be with the MicroPort 150!

Cobra 200W/400W Peak:

If you’re an on-the-go kind of person, whether a college student or business professional, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without the Cobra 200!  Any electrical appliance less than 150W can be your constant companion thanks to the mobility and compact size of this power inverter than goes where you go!  Small video games and most compact laptops, for example, are completely compatible with the Cobra 200 which has USB ports that allow one to simultaneously charge or power iPods, mobile phones and much more.  And one more thing, this nomadic power inverter has a super-convenient, cup-holder design with closeness and accessibility to you, in mind.

Cobra 400W/800W Peak:

If your power demands are a bit heftier, then listen up!  The Cobra 400 is a modified sine wave inverter created to effortlessly plug into a cigarette lighter or a 12V DC battery.   Your devices, such as video games, 25” TV, laptop or power-tools will run smoothly.   Two grounded AC outlets offer powering up of two household appliances and the USB port enables you to charge your iPod, Blackberry, mobile phones, etc.  Additionally, the Cobra 400 offers 5 levels of protection against failures: thermal shutdown, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage shutdown, low-voltage shutdown and low voltage alarm.

Cobra 800W/1600W Peak:

Ever been through a power outage?  Don’t get stuck without power if you have compact refrigerators or computers or power tools that require AC current either when the lights go out or while you’re on the go!   Regardless of your needs, the Cobra 800 is a modified sine wave inverter which conveniently connects to your vehicle’s 12V battery and offers 7 amps of 115V AC current; and you stay in control and out of the dark!  This unit includes direct-to-battery cables and offers five levels of protection just like the Cobra 400.

Cobra 1000W/2000W Peak:

Household appliances, electronic devices, office equipment—you name it; you’ll have all the power you need with the Cobra 1000!   You can easily receive 120V of AC power directly from your vehicle’s 12V battery; and to enhance the convenience, direct-to-battery cables are included to make your life just that much easier!

Cobra 1500W/3000W Peak:

Talk about power!  The Cobra 1500 is a professional-grade power inverter designed for those bigger jobs in mind, whether you need kitchen appliances in your home or cabin to run, or whether a sump pump or your 14” chain saw have to get their jobs done, pronto!   Your energy-demanding applications will all run seamlessly with the power-packed Cobra 1500!  This inverter, which offers a large LED display and supports a remote on/off capability, is ideal for tail-gating events!

Cobra 2500W/5000W Peak:

Whoa baby!  Talk about power galore!  The Cobra 2500 can easily provide converted 120V AC for major household appliances, 10-gallon wet/dry vacs, ½ hp sump pumps, laser printers to name only a few uses.   If you have need for a professional-grade inverter to power up multiple loads from your vehicle, the Cobra 2500 is your best bet!  The Cobra 2500, also, supports a remote on/off capability and has a volt/watt meter to keep track of power usage.

With Cobra power inverters, any terrain becomes your domain!

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